Power Recovery Therapy ...$250
2 hours of pampering body treatment that works great for dry, sensitive or prematurely agin skin. Our special power recovery pack will leave your skin feeling younger, smoother & fresher.
Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy ...$250
This 2 hour treatment works magically for all skin types. Wash away all the impurities with our detoxing and cleansing sea mud therapy. Allow our body wrap to stimulate circulation while gently nourishing your skin.
Looking good is a product of skin health. Allow us to treat your skin with steam, a scrub, a masque, or a wrap and a gentle clean off. All treatments finish with a hydrating moisturizer, making your skin feel soft and smooth.
Thermal Body Therapy Treatments
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Mud Massage Therapy ...$250
This 2 hour exotic therapy combines the detoxing & cleansing abilities of earth clays with the intensely moisturizing power of natural oils.
Deep Thermal Therapy with Thermal Stamp ...$250
This 2 hour therapy combines the calming effects of oatmeal & the cleansing effects of mud packs to destress, detoxify, remineralize & re-cleanse skin inflamation.
Thermal Touch For The Hands & Arms ...$250
This 2 hour therapy is suitable for all skin types. Allow us to treat you as we cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate your arms & hands to reveal your smoother, brighter & healthier skin.
Thermal Touch For The Décolleté, Neck & Chest ...$250
This 2 hour therapy works magically for pre-maturely aging or hyper pigmented skin. Our ultra calmings power recovery ingredients leave your décolleté, neck and chest area feeling younger and fresher.
Thermal Touch For Back Purification ...$250
This 2 hour therapy specially focuses on the skin in the area around the back. Let us help you relax your stressed out back muscles & skin with our mud packs and natural oils. Our skin cleaning washes will help relieve acne prone skin.
Thermal Touch For The Legs & Feet ...$250
Allow those most hard working legs & feet relax and be treated by us. Our therapists will cleanse, exfoliate & relieve your stressed & dry skin to revitalize you. They will spend 2 hours focusing on your feet & legs while you drift into peaceful tranquility.